About Central Paint Solutions

CPS (Central Paint Solutions, Inc.) was founded on the belief that building relationships with customers is just as important as selling merchandise.

This family-owned automotive paint supplies source was established in 2012 and now serves thousands of customers all over the South Bay Los Angeles County & Northern Orange County Area!

We Offer a wide selection of Quality Automotive/Industrial Paint & Body Supplies, Tools & Equipment.

What sets us apart from the competition is our Customer Service, Professionalism, and Experience in serving the PBE Automotive Aftermarket.

Known for bringing a personal touch, reliability, competitive pricing, and outstanding products to your door, CPS is by far the best place to bring your business.

Let us serve your PBE automotive needs from the purchase of your Automotive Paint supplies, to sharing Our Experience and Knowledge for your PBE repairs. 

Save yourself and your staff both time and money by shopping at CPS (Central Paint Solutions, Inc.).

We Provide Color Matching

In order to match colors successfully, we will need a painted part at least 4″ square. Not all colors will need custom matching. If we find an existing paint that we feel is an excellent match, you will not be charged a color-matching charge at all. We will notify you upon receipt of your part.

Please Note: We are NOT responsible for any damage or loss of the part you give to us. Do not provide a part that cannot be replaced! If no part can be provided we accept complete vehicles.

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